Our Process

How do we build it?

We will meet with you, listen and understand your requirements, then create an outline brief for you to confirm. Upon confirmation, we then provide you with an indicative quotation for sign off. You will be advised of the stages and the timeframes for delivery. Throughout the process there will be regular scheduled updates and the opportunity for you to ‘road-test’ elements of the software.

1. Initiating

The initiation phase will now commence as your vision of the of the project outcomes is documented as we draw up the Project Charter. Establishing who the stakeholders are, how the end users will interact with and how the software will be of benefit to them. We then identify the component requirements required for the successful delivery of the project.

2. Planning

This is the most detailed part of the process as we develop the Project Management Plan and confirm the timeframe and budget required. The roadmap is finalised and any risks to the project are assessed. Roles and responsibilities are assigned to the development team

3. Executing

This is the longest part of the process as the development work commences, during this part, there will be updates as sprints are delivered and can be assessed as per requirements.

4. Monitoring and controlling

Helping to keep the project on track time-wise and budget-wise, whilst maintaining quality control and expectations for the project deliverables. Progress updates are communicated via the Project Manager on a regular basis.

5. Closing

The project is delivered and signed off by yourself, ready to use. This is achieved in a final meeting to ensure your complete satisfaction with the software and its functionality.